Wednesday, September 9, 2015

0 2015-16 Notes for Parents

0 2015-16 Notes for Parents

The Bible verse test
  Though we recite the whole section daily, I only grade them on the new verse each week because of time. A copy of the Scripture was sent home for you to keep the next few weeks to make sure we all have the same version.

Bibles can be purchased at the office for a small price.

Students will be writing be writing stories and reports this year. The basic format is as follows:

Ten lines double-spaced. The rough draft may be printed. The final draft needs to be in cursive.

There needs to be a title.

It needs to be in paragraph form. It needs to be indented.

 It needs to have a margin. They write from red line to red line (students should know what that means).

If you want them to improve their grade they may rewrite the story or report, correcting their mistakes.

Homework Folders
The folders are sent home on Monday. Graded papers may be removed. On Friday they need to bring the folder back. Inside needs to be a signed homework sheet and a signed weekly report. Attached to the weekly report should be the citizenship paper. If it is blank, it means your child did not flip a card. Each time the student breaks a rule he/she flips a card which means they have time taken off of their recess.

Spelling homework and other homework should be in the folder.

Students take a timed drill on most days over basic facts. When they can complete the drill in three minutes they move on to the next level. Drills are sent home so you can see what they are working on. Right now we are working on memorizing addition facts.

I only check the homework folders on Fridays. If you send a note with your child that I need to see sooner than that, please instruct your child to give it to me right away.