Saturday, March 1, 2014

2013-14 Bible The Greatest Gift

The greatest gift you as parents can give your children is the example of your faith. We teach a little by what we say, more, by what we do, but most by who we are.

My father made sure we were in church every Sunday. We never needed to ask if we were going to church on Sunday. We knew. We lived on a farm and all the milking and caring for the animals had to be done first. We lived in Iowa where we battled the weather. We lived down at the bottle of a hill and many times got snowed in. We would get out the snow shovels, the tractor with chains, and hay chaff to spread on the lane for traction. We got to church. Some of my last memories of my father were of him sitting in his favorite chair reading the Bible.


Do your children see you reading the Bible? Do you pray with them? Do you take them church?